Cute guy in blue boxer briefs

Video: Physical Therapy – Cute guy in Boxer Briefs

OMG! Just found a treasure trove of underwear sightings. There’s this YouTube channel for a physical therapy school in Spain and half the guys being worked on are in their underwear.

The above video is just a sample. Chosen because not only because the guy in the slate-blue boxer briefs is adorable but also because he’s got a gorgeous butt made all them more so when he bends over. Once he gets lying down on the bed there’s even some subtle exposure up the leg.

Be sure to check out the YouTube channel as there’s tons of videos like this one.

An Appreciation of UpShorts (part 2)

Although not men’s underwear, shorts are included in the scope of this blog especially when guys are going commando and the leg openings wide enough that you occasionally get treated a glimpse of what lies beneath. In this case, the guy isn’t going commando but you can see his dick through the mesh liner.