Home Made Fundoshi

Mahasikhari: Man Made Underwear

If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know that I’m fascinated with traditional underwear styles like the Indian Langot and Japanese Fundoshi. Well, I’m not the only one, in fact, I found a series of blogs by a sexy guy named Mahasikhari who’s taken his obsession with home made underwear, much which is inspired by traditional underwear styles, to the next level. Seriously. It’s awesome.

From his own words on his final post:

This post is the final set on this Blog which has now served it’s many purposes. It’s function was to link my own sexual expression with my spiritual self, using rokushaku Fundosh and other base garments as a medium.

In the last several years I have learned to create, tie on, wear and display rrokushaku and other non-western base garments. Fundoshi ultimately has become the garment of choice for everyday use from yoga practice to outdoor labour. I hope those who have taken time to explore the blog have received more than mundane sense gratification. I hope that you have been inspired to follow your own journey.

Here is just a sampling of Mahasikhari in his designs. Please visit his blogs for all of it – there’s a month or more worth of photos of his countless creations. Follow these links:

Click here for SVADISTHANA V

Click here for SVADISTHANA


Video: How to wear Fundoshi

I love traditional underwear but the sexiest has to be the Japanese fundoshi. In case you want to try one yourself, here’s a helpful video with a really cute guy showing you how to wear one. Just grab a sheet, cut it into a narrow strip and follow the instructions. Happy fundoshi!

Stay tuned for lots more post featuring fundoshi!